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Red Robin delivers everything parents and students love, including:

  • a capped enrollment in both school and camp, boasting smaller class sizes and camp groups with an unparalleled 1:3 staff to camper ratio
  • hands on directors who know every child and every family
  • a dedication to providing the perfect blend of educational, physical, recreational and social development
  • an innovative program and curriculum that foster skill-building, cognitive growth and confidence
  • a charming, yet cutting edge environment scaled especially for children
  • individualized instruction and supervision that have made us famous
  • flexible school & camp schedules to accommodate the needs of individual families
  • an emphasis on developing well-rounded, engaged children who have fun while learning
  • a staff who gently challenge children to learn new skills and try new activities
  • a state-of-the-art facility, including a one-of-a-kind playground and an incredible tree house
  • certified teachers and mature, experienced, well-trained counselors who are always waiting with open arms to greet your child, no matter what the season
  • a “seeing is believing” policy – take a tour and prepare to meet your child’s future second home
  • and, just to state the obvious, a true love of children!
It all adds up to this: If you send your child to Red Robin for school, camp, or both – you’ll be sure to watch your child soar!