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Application Fee …………………………….………………………………………. $105 (non-refundable)

All figures below represent 1/10th of the annual tuition (see details in “NOTE” section below)

Toddler, Nursery & Pre-Kindergarten:

Morning Session: 9AM – 12PM
Afternoon Session: 1PM – 4PM
Three-Quarter Day Session: 9AM – 2PM
Full Day Session: 9AM – 4PM

2 Mornings $650
3 Mornings $670
4 Mornings $775
5 Mornings $870
2 Three-Quarter Days $770
3 Three-Quarter Days $915
4 Three-Quarter Days $1,055
5 Three-Quarter Days $1,205
2 Full Days $785
3 Full Days $1,100
4 Full Days $1,335
5 Full Days $1,460
5 Mornings & 2 Afternoons $1,115
5 Mornings & 3 Afternoons $1,340


2 Afternoons $615
3 Afternoons $630
4 Afternoons $730
5 Afternoons $820


Morning Session: 9AM – 12PM
Afternoon Session: 1PM – 4 PM
Full Day Session: 9AM – 4 PM

5 Mornings $925
5 Afternoons $850
5 Full Days $1,520
5 Mornings & 2 Afternoons $1,170
5 Mornings & 3 Afternoons $1,370


Add Transportation

One-Way Transportation: Any 2 day schedule – $180 (per installment); Any 3 day schedule – $205 (per installment);
Any 4 day schedule – $225 (per installment); Any 5 day schedule – $240 (per installment).

Round-Trip Transportation: Any 2 day schedule – $330 (per installment); Any 3 day schedule – $355 (per installment); Any 4 day schedule – $380 (per installment); Any 5 day schedule – $410 (per installment).

EXTENDED HOURS: $10.00 per hour (7AM – 9AM and/or 4PM – 6PM). Hours must be selected and paid with tuition at the start of each month. Please inquire with regard to exceptional situations so that we may make every effort to accommodate your needs.


  • Tuition is based on a school year and payable over 10 monthly installments (September through June) as indicated above.
  • A deposit of one installment of the annual tuition (June payment), along with the $105 application fee, are required for registration.
  • For your convenience, the annual tuition may be paid in 10 equal installments. Your remaining 9 payments are due on the first day of each month from September through May. Invoices will not be sent. Once again, your deposit will be applied toward your 10th and final tuition installment (June payment).
  • A 10% sibling discount will be applied for the child with the lower base tuition.
  • A 5% discount will be applied when a child’s tuition is paid in full at the time of registration, which must occur before the start of the school year (excluding application fee). Tuition must be paid with a check or cash when receiving the 5% discount.