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Dear Parents,

            We are proud to announce the long awaited arrival of our five butterfly larvae. We are observing them eating and growing now and are eager for them to begin spinning their cocoons. All of them have been named! In order to do it fairly, Miss Sam put the children’s name selections into a hat shook it up, and I withdrew five. We are proud to introduce “Joey” (Josef’s pick), “Ana” (Stella and Cydni’s pick), “Anaisa” (Anaisa’s pick), “Anmay” (Anmay’s pick), and “Aurora” (Dora’s pick). We check on them daily and anxiously await their transformation into Painted Lady Butterflies! Metamorphosis is a pretty big word for these little students. Ask them what it means.

            The magic is just a flutter away as we wait for our caterpillars made from recycled egg cartons to emerge from their paper cocoons. Last week some of the children voiced restlessness. They said, “It’s taking too long for the caterpillars to change”. I would gently remind them that these things take time and that the result will be worth their wait. As parents, I’m sure you can empathize with the daily impatience shared by the children. A similar impatience often accompanies the endless responsibilities of raising a child. We impatiently wait for the potty training nightmare to be a thing of the past. We become anxious for kindergarten because going grocery shopping or going to the bathroom ALONE sounds like a heavenly prospect! Like the children, while anticipating the next milestone we need to be patient enough to treasure each moment. In the blink of an eye it all changes. Those days which may seem to take an eternity, pass all too quickly. The realization comes that moments are truly fleeting and the days we wished away are now gone forever! Your children are spreading their wings! Hold onto them for as long as you can before they fly away.

            Our Community Helper theme is going strong. We are so appreciative of our parent involvement. Young children have very active imaginations and get scared very easily. Realizing that, Donovan’s daddy, a volunteer firefighter with the Mineola fire dept., stopped by on Monday to show the children what a firefighter looks like in full gear. His special equipment included a heavy hard helmet, flame resistant coat and pants, leather gloves and an air tank and mask. The children not only became familiar with the equipment, but also enjoyed taking turns trying it on!!! In addition to that, Mr. Pratt taught the children about the dangers of fire and what to do if ever they are involved in one. It is so important to teach young children that even in odd-looking gear, a firefighter is a very important friend who could help them to safety. For the remainder of the afternoon, the children practiced situations from the grown-up world in a setting that was safe & secure. Using materials found in the classroom, the children got very creative. Wearing their red plastic fire hats, the children crawled around, rolled on the floor, and even lined up chairs to make a pretend fire truck. They remembered that if a door is hot they shouldn’t open it but instead, look for another way out. Watching some of them touch the door with the back of their hand was incredible and I was truly thankful it wasn’t hot so nobody felt the need to jump out a window!!! The giggles that went with the practice were just a delightful bonus! Thank you Mr. Pratt, we had a blazin’ good time while learning!     

            On Tuesday, Anmay’s mommy enriched our curriculum by sharing her career as a pediatrician. Dr. Goenka explained that in order to be a doctor and help your community, you must be good listeners and study hard! She brought a delightful picture book with her that gave the children some insight into what a doctor does. She then shared with them the tools of the trade and asked if anyone wanted to take a turn listening to a friend’s heartbeat with the stethoscope.  Naturally she was flooded with volunteers! The children were wide-eyed and beyond curious as an elastic bandage, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, and otoscope were passed around the room. Seeing the doctor can be a scary experience for young children, but with Dr. Goenka teaching them what to expect, routine visits just might become a little less frightening!   

On Friday morning Mrs. Walsh volunteered her time in our classroom. Not being a police officer, astronaut or ballerina, it can be kind of hard to explain to 3 & 4 year olds what you do if you’re a lawyer!!! Mrs. Walsh however did a great job of explaining to the children how she helps people follow the rules. Since contracts help spell out expectations, rewards and consequences, she told the children that she brought some delicious cupcakes to share with them if they agree to  sign a contract stating they will pretend pay her for them first. NO ONE complained about “unfair contract terms” and everyone enjoyed the cupcakes!!! The children also called for “order in the court” after adorning some fun and playful accessories! Wearing the typical judge’s robe and holding the wooden sound block and gavel, the children looked ready to “throw the book” at anyone found breaking the rules! Check out all the fun we had on Facebook!  You have inspired some young minds to follow in your footsteps Mrs. Walsh, and Markela couldn’t have been more proud of you!

            We hope you are enjoying the marigolds your child has brought home. Remind them to water! You may want to help them plant their flowers in a sunny part of the garden!

This week we will continue with our community helper and nature theme. In addition we will work on our Father’s Day craft and learn the importance of Memorial Day. What a great learning adventure this year has been!



                                                Miss Joanne and Miss Sam

May Birthdays:

Josef                                   5/3

Dora                                    5/22

Jackson Pesce                  5/31


Dates to Remember:

May 29th                              School Closed – Memorial Day

May 31st                                End-of-the-Year Show!  J

                                                  NO CLASSES.

June 8th                                 Last Day of Classes.  L