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Dear Parents,

            We are proud to announce the long awaited arrival of our five butterfly larvae. We are observing them eating and growing now and are eager for them to begin spinning their cocoons. All of them have been named! In order to do it fairly, Miss Sam put the children’s name selections into a hat shook it up, and I withdrew five. We are proud to introduce “Joey” (Josef’s pick), “Ana” (Stella and Cydni’s pick), “Anaisa” (Anaisa’s pick), “Anmay” (Anmay’s pick), and “Aurora” (Dora’s pick). We check on them daily and anxiously await their transformation into Painted Lady Butterflies! Metamorphosis is a pretty big word for these little students. Ask them what it means.

            The magic is just a flutter away as we wait for our caterpillars made from recycled egg cartons to emerge from their paper cocoons. Last week some of the children voiced restlessness. They said, “It’s taking too long for the caterpillars to change”. I would gently remind them that these things take time and that the result will be worth their wait. As parents, I’m sure you can empathize with the daily impatience shared by the children. A similar impatience often accompanies the endless responsibilities of raising a child. We impatiently wait for the potty training nightmare to be a thing of the past. We become anxious for kindergarten because going grocery shopping or going to the bathroom ALONE sounds like a heavenly prospect! Like the children, while anticipating the next milestone we need to be patient enough to treasure each moment. In the blink of an eye it all changes. Those days which may seem to take an eternity, pass all too quickly. The realization comes that moments are truly fleeting and the days we wished away are now gone forever! Your children are spreading their wings! Hold onto them for as long as you can before they fly away.

            Our Community Helper theme is going strong. We are so appreciative of our parent involvement. Young children have very active imaginations and get scared very easily. Realizing that, Donovan’s daddy, a volunteer firefighter with the Mineola fire dept., stopped by on Monday to show the children what a firefighter looks like in full gear. His special equipment included a heavy hard helmet, flame resistant coat and pants, leather gloves and an air tank and mask. The children not only became familiar with the equipment, but also enjoyed taking turns trying it on!!! In addition to that, Mr. Pratt taught the children about the dangers of fire and what to do if ever they are involved in one. It is so important to teach young children that even in odd-looking gear, a firefighter is a very important friend who could help them to safety. For the remainder of the afternoon, the children practiced situations from the grown-up world in a setting that was safe & secure. Using materials found in the classroom, the children got very creative. Wearing their red plastic fire hats, the children crawled around, rolled on the floor, and even lined up chairs to make a pretend fire truck. They remembered that if a door is hot they shouldn’t open it but instead, look for another way out. Watching some of them touch the door with the back of their hand was incredible and I was truly thankful it wasn’t hot so nobody felt the need to jump out a window!!! The giggles that went with the practice were just a delightful bonus! Thank you Mr. Pratt, we had a blazin’ good time while learning!     

            On Tuesday, Anmay’s mommy enriched our curriculum by sharing her career as a pediatrician. Dr. Goenka explained that in order to be a doctor and help your community, you must be good listeners and study hard! She brought a delightful picture book with her that gave the children some insight into what a doctor does. She then shared with them the tools of the trade and asked if anyone wanted to take a turn listening to a friend’s heartbeat with the stethoscope.  Naturally she was flooded with volunteers! The children were wide-eyed and beyond curious as an elastic bandage, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, and otoscope were passed around the room. Seeing the doctor can be a scary experience for young children, but with Dr. Goenka teaching them what to expect, routine visits just might become a little less frightening!   

On Friday morning Mrs. Walsh volunteered her time in our classroom. Not being a police officer, astronaut or ballerina, it can be kind of hard to explain to 3 & 4 year olds what you do if you’re a lawyer!!! Mrs. Walsh however did a great job of explaining to the children how she helps people follow the rules. Since contracts help spell out expectations, rewards and consequences, she told the children that she brought some delicious cupcakes to share with them if they agree to  sign a contract stating they will pretend pay her for them first. NO ONE complained about “unfair contract terms” and everyone enjoyed the cupcakes!!! The children also called for “order in the court” after adorning some fun and playful accessories! Wearing the typical judge’s robe and holding the wooden sound block and gavel, the children looked ready to “throw the book” at anyone found breaking the rules! Check out all the fun we had on Facebook!  You have inspired some young minds to follow in your footsteps Mrs. Walsh, and Markela couldn’t have been more proud of you!

            We hope you are enjoying the marigolds your child has brought home. Remind them to water! You may want to help them plant their flowers in a sunny part of the garden!

This week we will continue with our community helper and nature theme. In addition we will work on our Father’s Day craft and learn the importance of Memorial Day. What a great learning adventure this year has been!



                                                Miss Joanne and Miss Sam

May Birthdays:

Josef                                   5/3

Dora                                    5/22

Jackson Pesce                  5/31


Dates to Remember:

May 29th                              School Closed – Memorial Day

May 31st                                End-of-the-Year Show!  J

                                                  NO CLASSES.

June 8th                                 Last Day of Classes.  L


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Dear Pre-K Families,

The upper and lower case “Zz” was introduced this week.  We studied the sound the letter makes and thought of words that begin with the letter “Zz”.  The children made a “Ziggy Zebra” puppet as well.  The boys and girls now have a complete set of alphabet puppets!  We can’t believe we have completed the alphabet!  Over the next few weeks we will be reviewing what we have learned during this school year.  The next homework packet I send home will be a review packet for you to do with your child at your leisure.

Our class has one more entry to make in both their journal and their All About Me book.  Both of these books began in September.  Just wait until you see the progress your children have made as you read both their journal and All About Me book.

The boys and girls have completed their “Season Tree” chart, which was sent home.  Your children are excited to use this chart!  Next week we begin our unit on The Human Body.  Thank you for the books on this topic some of you are sending in.  We will be reading many books on this topic over the next few weeks.

All of your children have worked so hard to make your Mother’s Day gift extra special.  We hope you enjoy your card and gift as your excited children watch you open it!

Miss Kristine and I wish all of our Moms a Very Happy Mother’s Day!

Enjoy your weekend!


Miss Lori and Miss Kristine



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Dear Parents,

            It’s hard to believe how close we are to the end of the year! This past week we introduced our last letter of the alphabet, “Zz.” Examples of words such as zipper, zebra and zero were given. To reinforce the letter the children painted zebra stripes on their Z patterns.

            Two little jingles that we learned this week were:


“ZIP YOUR LIPS” (Tune: “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)

If you’re loud and you know it…

Zip your lips!

If you’re loud and you know it…

Zip your lips!

If you’re loud and you know it…

Then your mouth will surely show it…

If you’re loud and you know it…

Zip your lips!


ZANY Z’S (Tune: London Bridges)

Zany Z’s are zipping by,

Zipping by, zipping by…

Zany Z’s are zipping by,

Zip! Zap! Zoom!

Zany Zebra’s zipping by,

Zipping by, zipping by,

Zany Zebra’s zipping by,

Zip! Zap! Zoom!

(To continue we used a different zoo animal for each verse.)

            Our alphabet flip-chart songs have also been a meaningful part of our nursery program. These little songs have boosted their imagination, language skills and memory! The last song we enthusiastically sang together was:

Zz (to the tune: On Top of Old Smokey)

Z is for Zelda,

who zoomed off to Mars.

She zigged and she zagged past

a zillion bright stars.

She zipped to the left and

she zapped to the right.

Then Zelda zoomed home by

the moon’s golden light.

            In “Story Time” we read Zebras by Jill Anderson. Ask your children if any two zebras are exactly alike and who a zebras enemies are (no two are alike/lions and hyenas)?  We also read A Visit To The Sesame Street Zoo by Ellen Weiss. The children were so inspired they may ask you to take them there this summer!

            We are spending a lot more time outdoors feeling the wind, smelling the flowers, catching bugs and observing birds. Spring is such an amazing season. This past week we enjoyed reading Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs! by Megan McDonald. Beetle dreams of being brave and daring and she will begin by …..eating an ant! It’s a dare on a school playground. It’s one of those fun children’s books that make you ask the children questions never thought of before, like would you eat bugs?! To my surprise, Markela feeling brave and daring, said that…. most definitely, she would eat a bug. When asked her bug preference, without hesitation, she said, “I would eat a stink bug”! I informed her that stink bugs secrete a stinky smell when killed so she opted for an ant. You’ve got to love her adventurous spirit! At that, the most astonishing thing happened. An ant crawled across the floor in front of her and she grabbed it with lightening speed! I always try to impress upon the children that when it comes to trying new foods, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! However, when Markela looked like she was about to set the “itchy-twitchy, buggly, wuggly” ant on the tip of her tongue, I panicked! I quickly told her that sometimes people are allergic to bugs and that she should check with her Mom before eating anything foreign! Reluctantly, she let it go but gezzzzzzzzzzzz! I nearly had a heart attack!  In the U.S. we’re more accustomed to exterminating insects than to eating them but in scores of countries around the world bugs have long been a part of a well balanced meal! Some day when I’m on holiday in Thailand, I might feel brave and daring and crunch a fried cricket but I’d have to pair it with copious amounts of wine so I can forget that I actually tried it!!  Bugs can be tasty AND nutritious, but first you need to overcome the “ewwwwwwwwwww” factor!!!

            Watching their seeds sprout was an exciting and magical experience for our little gardeners! I’m happy to say their “marigolds” are now ready to go home! With biodegradable containers, transferring them to the ground will be a breeze. This unit not only taught the children how nature works, but responsibility in caring for something. They are VERY proud of the results! Remind them to continue tending to their plants, giving them plenty of sunshine, water and love. With time, both your children AND their flowers will bloom!!

            On Thursday we rocked out with some Zumba! Ladies and gentleman, Zumba is CRAZY! It is impossible not to respond to the energy that’s created by that music!! What a blast! Your children are hot tamales on the dance floor!

            The more interesting and exciting we make learning the more the children retain. Our unit on community helpers is no exception. Last Wednesday, Marco’s daddy, came by to share with us exactly how he contributes. Mr. Aquista is in the food industry and manages an Italian restaurant in Queens. To begin with the children were asked if they had ever eaten in a restaurant and if so, what kind of restaurant was it? The answers ranged from a donut restaurant to a hotdog stand, but most did say pizza. The children then watched and learned about how pizza is prepared. Mr. Aquista then asked if the children knew what goes on a pizza. Donovan said it was definitely ketchup, Josef answered macaroni and Markela was sure it was olives! Since pizza is one of the foods children actually LOVE, the delicious combination of dough, sauce and cheese brought a smile to every face. While we waited for some hot, scrumptious pizza, Mr. Acquista read Pizza at Sally’s by Monica Wellington. It was a delightful story about the whole pizza making process. Any way you slice it, the ooey, gooey, chewy and cheesy pizza turned out yummy, and had the children wanting more!  A big thanks to Mrs. Aquista also, for helping to transform our nursery into a culinary class! The children looked adorable in those little white chef hats, and Marco couldn’t have been more proud of his Dad!

            On Friday we had the pleasure of having Maya’s Mom, Mrs. Khurrum volunteer her time. Mrs. Khurrum, an Engineer for Con Ed, used a prototype to demonstrate how a power plant works. It was fascinating, especially when we saw the plume of steam rising from the valve and heard the whine of the turbine. With the help of incentives like yo-yo-s and slap bracelets, the children learned some new vocabulary such as boiler, turbine and generator.  Mrs. Khurrum was hoping to inspire them to become engineers and Erica, Donovan, Cydni and Anmay were all excited about the possibility! Mission accomplished! Children are like little sponges. They absorb all kinds of information! The presentation culminated with a coloring and activity book about electrical safety. The children really enjoyed Mrs. Khurrum’s presence in the classroom and I know she enjoyed their hugs as much as we do!

We are extremely grateful to both the Acquista and Khurum family for making their presentations fun, informative and educational! You have no idea how much we enjoyed your visit!

            With only a few more weeks to go, there is no shortage of things to do in the nursery. We will continue with our community helper and nature theme, review our alphabet, make our Father’s day crafts, learn about Memorial day, complete assessments, and SING our way straight through to the end-of-the-year show! What a great learning adventure this year has been!


                                                                        Miss Joanne and Miss Sam

May Birthdays:

Josef                                           5/3

Dora                                            5/22

Jackson                                      5/31


Dates to Remember:

May 29th                                    School Closed – Memorial Day

May 31st                                     End-of-the-Year Show! 

                                                      NO CLASSES.

June 8th                                     Last Day of Classes.