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Dear Pre-K Families,

We had a busy week learning all about the letter “Aa”.  We discussed the sound the letter makes and thought of all kinds of words that begin with the letter “Aa”.  Your children made an “Al the Alligator” puppet.  We also began “Show and Tell” this week.  The boys and girls really enjoyed coming up to show their special “Aa” Show and Tell.  They loved talking about it, and answering questions from their peers!

Our class tasted 3 different types of apples and we graphed each child’s favorite taste and color.  After completing our chart, we discovered by counting, that yellow apples were our class favorite.  As we cut open each apple, the children saw that a star is inside of every apple with seeds inside of the star.  After this, we sliced and peeled 10 apples, added water, sugar, and cinnamon to make applesauce.  Our class loved doing this activity together.  All of the children “hypothesized” what would happen to the chunks of apples after they were blended with the applesauce ingredients.  Our class observed how a solid can turn into a liquid!  This class activity was so much fun as we incorporated both math and science.  The children said the best part was eating it afterwards.  We also read a book about apples.  The girls and boys learned how apples grow and all about the job of a farmer.  They also learned what an apple orchard is.  Your children are excited to go apple picking!

We will be decorating the door to our classroom by painting a beautiful fall tree next week.  Apples and leaves were painted and they will be hanging on our tree.  Your children are very proud of their artwork!  The girls and boys loved feeling the paint as they finger-painted.

We have begun writing in our journals.  The sight word for the week is the word “at”.  We made the “at family” and came up with many rhyming words just by putting a letter in front of the word “at”.  Your children were so proud of themselves as they all helped to read the word family.

Have your children demonstrated their new way of communicating without speaking???  I hope so.  They have been having Sign Language lessons with Miss Sheryl every week.  We started off color signs last week and your children picked it up so quickly!  This week with the introduction of the letter “Aa” we learned the sign for the letter as well as, alligator, ape and airplane.  We think it’s such a fun way to reinforce our alphabet and reading readiness skills.

We are very proud of your children for all of their hard work they are exhibiting, both in school and at home.  We are happy to see their homework that is coming in each day.  A few reminders about their homework: 1. Please make sure to use pencil, unless the directions specify to “color”.  2. Please make sure when writing their name, as well as any words, to use an uppercase letter for the first letter of their name and lowercase letters for the remaining letters.  Thank you for all of your support!!!

Next week we will be starting the letter “Bb”.  We would like to wish everyone a happy and fun fall weekend.




Miss Lori