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Dear Families:
We start our week with a visit from Dr. Mindy on Monday. She will remind us of what we need to do to keep our teeth healthy. Our children learned a lot from our egg experiment and should be able to tell her about it.
This week, we will focus on Saint Patrick’s Day. We will read stories about leprechauns, create rainbows and pots of gold, make shamrocks, and wear green on Rainbow Catcher Day.
We will be working hard to master using scissors and cutting paper. This week we will practice cutting on a straight line with our Rainbow Scissor Skills Sheet and our Shamrock Cut and Glue. We remind the children to “open; shut them; give a little cut, cut, cut”. Your children will be developing good fine motor skills and the ability to handle the scissors with help from us. If you are comfortable with it, let them use safety scissors at home to cut up your junk mail. It is a great way of strengthening their skill and getting rid of unwanted mail for you.
We are looking forward to some exciting events in the next few weeks. To celebrate letter “t”, we will have a tea party complete with tea and cookies. We will also witness the marriage of letter “q” and letter “u”. Spring will begin, and we will prepare for Passover and Easter. Egg dying and matzo tasting will just be part of our fun. Your children are always excited to try new things and develop their fine and gross motor skills when creating their art projects. It’s fun to see their smiling faces and progress.
Book orders will be sent home this week. As always, you are not obligated to order anything. Your local library, book store, and garage sales are all excellent places to find books to add to your home library.
REMINDERS: Please return the green cream/ointment form.
School will be closed on March 24th and 25th
Your child has grown since September. Please send in new clothes for their box.

Looking forward to a wonderful week,
Miss Louise, Miss Enedina, Miss Jade & Mr. Joe