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September 25, 2017

Hello families,

We hope that you enjoyed the long weekend. This week marks our first full week. We have begun to become familiar with our routines and are starting to follow directions more easily. We will finish taking pictures and begin using our attendance cards by the end of the week. Last week we assigned the jobs of weather helper, dressing Froggy, and calendar helper. This week we will add sweeper and plant water.

This week we will introduce the “letter A.” Now that fall has officially arrived, we will stamp with apples, taste apples, and bake with apples. We will read books about apples, acorns, squirrels and pumpkins.

Some reminders: While the weather is still nice, we will go outside as often as we can. Please put sunblock on your child in the morning before putting them on the bus or bringing them to school.

Last week, we sent home Scholastic Book Club orders. They are due at the end of the week. You can   order online or send in your order. If you do send in an order form, please make out your check to Scholastic Book Clubs. You are not obligated to order. There are wonderful books available at your local library, Barnes and Noble, Toys R Us, and many other places.

If you haven’t already done so, please send in a picture of your child. We have displayed them on our birthday bulletin board. We would also like you to send in a family picture for our Cozy Corner. Also, if you haven’t sent in extra clothes in a shoebox, and an old t-shirt for a smock, please do so by Friday.


Please remember to label everything that your child brings to school. Labeling everything makes it easy for us to return items to the right child. Label backpacks and lunchboxes on the inside. Label containers, water bottles, sippy cups, etc. with a nametag or a piece of masking tape with your child’s name on it.

Next month, our new color of the month will be orange. As such, we will begin celebrating Rainbow Catcher Thursday and Rainbow Catcher Friday. We will send home a letter that explains how it works. Please try to dress your child in something orange on those days. It could be a stripe on a shirt, a barrette or ponytail holder, a design on a sneaker, etc. Our Rainbow Catcher will receive an orange bag to fill with orange things found in their home to share at circle time.

Miss Louise, Miss Enedina, and Miss Kristine