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Dear Pre-K Families,
We introduced the letter “Ss” this week. The children made a “Silly Scarecrow” puppet and practiced writing the letter “Ss”. They also thought of many words that begin with the letter “Ss” including our friend Savannah!
Our class has been enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather this week! We are changing our classroom over from Winter to Spring. Beautiful kites are hanging up with the 100 squares each child glued on as well as their large leprechauns hanging all over our room. We have begun creating our spring creation for our door. We will say goodbye to the penguins and hello to flowers, butterflies, and many other spring decorations! We will be painting the children’s feet to hang up as we “walk through spring”.
The girls and boys have been practicing reading their site words as they write in their journal. All throughout the day we reinforce the sounds of each letter to help your children recognize words and read words.
We are constantly reinforcing the children’s fine motor skills. They are now cutting out all of the pieces to every project and puppet that we make. The class practices writing on a daily basis as well. We are also constantly counting throughout the day. Many of the children love to be challenged with questions that require adding and subtracting. I am so proud of all of the effort and hard work your children put in every day. They have come very far from where they started in September. Just wait to see their progress by June!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Miss Lori and Miss Kristine

*Thursday, March 17 we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
Please try to have your child wear something green.
*Friday, March 18 we will have our annual “Tt” Party!
*Wednesday, March 23 we will celebrate Spring and Easter with a party. Please feel free to send your child to school with a peanut free treat for our class.