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Nursery Weekly Newsletter

10/26/15 – 10/30/15

Dear Parents,

          What a week! Everyone here at Red Robin and especially your little goblins, had a frighteningly good time celebrating Halloween!  Outdoors, music blared as the children paraded around in their Halloween finery.  They followed two “Minions” that looked a LOT like Miss Sheryl and Mr. Michael!  The children were beyond delighted to select a special pumpkin treat from the patch and line up for even more treats from the “Minions” private stash!

          For snack we made a revolting recipe like Monster Mash!  We took…..

1 scoop       boo goo                (vanilla ice cream)

1 tbsp         swamp mud         (chocolate syrup)

1 tbsp         spider fangs         (mini chocolate chips)

10               mummy toes        (mini marshmallows)

….We placed all the ingredients in a plastic cup and mashed it with a spoon.  We then topped it with snake slime (green food-colored cool whip!)  It was NOT for the fainthearted but grossilicious!!!!  In addition to that, Miss Anastasia prepared an edible pumpkin patch!  The clementine pumpkins and banana ghosts were a fresh option and great alternative to candy!  A heartfelt thanks to all parents who contributed goodies and those that really wanted to!  Thank you for understanding the need for a nut-free environment. I truly appreciate ALL your good intentions but we breathe easier knowing your children are safe, secure and happy.

          Inside we huddled together for some spooky stories!  They brought some shivers down our spine, but what would Halloween be without a good scare!  Our favorite spooky story was The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams. The children repeated and acted out…..clomp, wiggle, shake, clap, nod and BOO as the old lady was stalked in the woods by articles of clothing!  We also read the nail biting Halloween story The Soup Bone by Tony Johnston.  If the children became afraid, they were told to push their brave button. (their nose) Many sat with their finger on their nose throughout the story!!!! Too cute!!!

Feel free to remind them of their “brave button” if they’re ever scared.

          A Halloween party is not a “Graveyard Smash” unless you have the right music to set the atmosphere.  Throughout the week, we had a cauldron of Halloween songs to get us in the spooky spirit!

          Due to assessments and all of our Halloween activities, we did not introduce a new letter, number, color or shape last week. Instead we reviewed what was learned to date.  This week however we will move full speed ahead and introduce the Exciting and Engaging letter “Ee”!  Our number focus will be “three”, and our color focus will change to “green”. The shape will remain “square” since our “Dexter the Square, Green Dog” project is a work in progress.

          This week our “Circle Time” discussions will focus on Veteran’s Day.  We will talk about our Veterans’ amazing courage, accomplishments and sacrifices. The children will learn that Veteran’s Day means more than just a day off from school and that we must never take our freedom for granted.

          I am looking forward to seeing you at Parent-Teacher conferences!

          Enjoy the week!


                                                Miss Joanne

Dates to Remember:

November 3rd                        Parent-Teacher Conferences (No classes)

November 11th                       School Closed – Veterans’ Day

November 26th thru 29th      School Closed – Thanksgiving Holiday