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Dear Red Robin Families,

It may be hard to believe, but EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION for the school year officially began at Red Robin on January 8, 2015. We are extremely proud of Red Robin’s more than 58 year history of providing outstanding scholastic experiences for our students. Our administrative team, teachers, assistant teachers, curriculum and facilities are all dedicated to early childhood development, education, nurturance and social, emotional growth.

Whether our Toddler, Nursery, Pre-K, or Kindergarten program, the same love, support, and individualized, quality education that you have come to experience at Red Robin Country Day School is provided at all developmental levels. We thoroughly prepare our students for public school and believe that starting the scholastic experience early helps to build stronger cognitive and social skills. In fact, the academic foundation and friendships formed in preschool often impact children for a lifetime!!!

We have enhanced our extremely comprehensive curriculum by incorporating educational technology. Our Pre-K students now have the benefit of truly cutting edge lessons through the use of our Smart Board, enabling our teachers to offer their classes an interactive, multi-media experience. All classes are becoming fortified with ipads, used only to help develop an understanding of the digital world through educational applications.

In addition, our incredibly flexible schedules, one-way or round-trip transportation and EXTENDED DAY (7AM-6PM) options allow us to provide for each of our families and their individual needs. The EXTENDED DAY offers families the ability to drop their children off by 7AM and/or pick them up by 6PM, providing the additional peace of mind that comes from easing the stress of complicated work and family schedules.

Finally, please help us to meet your requests by signing up today. Many families have rushed to pre-register, so don’t let time slip away! Enrollment is limited and transportation needs become more difficult to satisfy as the year progresses. As an early bird registration courtesy, we will waive the $105 application fee for any families who register by January 31, 2015 and, by using the promo code REDROBINSOARS, you will receive an additional $100 loyalty discount when signing up for any three, four or five-day schedule for the 2015-2016 school year by January 31, 2015.

After January 31st, the $105 application fee will apply and the $100 courtesy discount will expire. Up until January 31st, families enrolling children for any two-day schedule will be able to waive the $105 application fee only.

When enrolling, feel free to visit our website at Click on the “Day School Tuition & Forms” page where you may find and print out all necessary registration materials. Write the promo code on the top right of the front of the School Registration Form, above our address. Please mail all of the forms back to us, along with the appropriate deposit.

Thank you as always for your continued friendship and for the privilege of working with your child, and your entire family. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or requests at (516) 334-1144.




Michael Cohn, MSW                      Sheryl Schwartz, MS
Owner/Director                              Educational Director


Also: Don’t Forget to Ask Us About Our Outstanding Summer Camp, Celebrating Its 58th Anniversary. Toddlers through 7th graders love our incredible camp programs and exciting trips offered to our oldest campers, so be certain to sign up today!!!