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Long Island Summer Day Camp
Red Robin’s summer day camp is a dream-come-true for children – and their parents! In a setting scaled especially for our campers, boys and girls spend fulfilling summer days in a safe, nurturing environment that’s ideal for preschoolers (ages 2-5) and school-aged children (ages 6-12).


Buy provigil online with mastercard, Purchase provigil generic

At Red Robin Summer Camp in Westbury, campers from throughout Nassau County on Long ISland advance their social, aquatic, athletic, and artistic skills in a dynamic, fun-filled environment, cheered on by a staff of mature, nurturing, energized counselors and specialists. Our campers participate daily in a wide range of activities, every one of which is engaging, stimulating and just plain fun! The magic at Red Robin happens because we offer …

Older Long Island Summer Campers enjoy special highlights throughout Suffolk & Nassau County!

Super Seniors (campers entering the 3rd and 4th grades) really get out and about, enjoying a trip every week to exciting Long Island attractions, such as a local museum/planetarium, professional ball games, local theater and more. Super Senior Adventurers (campers entering 5th through 7th grades) truly get the best of all worlds – with 3 trips each week, plus 2 exciting days at camp. When travelling, they’ll have experiences such as Splish Splash, indoor rock climbing, and chartered fishing cruises. Both groups also participate in our awesome Elective Clubs Program and a sleepover at Red Robin. Campers have dinner, make their own sundaes, play interactive games, watch a movie before bed and wake up to a yummy breakfast – a truly memorable night!

Some Long Island Summer Campers may even become staffers!

For students entering 9th through 12th grades, Red Robin Camp offers an outstanding Counselor In Training program (CIT). After an extensive interviewing and training process, CIT’s will be assigned to work with a group of campers between the ages of 2 to 12, under the supervision of a Division Head. Assignments may vary and can include assisting in specialty areas, such as arts & crafts, swim, athletics, cooking, dance, lunchroom, or any other area of our camp. The CIT program has existed at Red Robin Camp for over 25 years and has produced many of Red Robin’s most treasure staff members. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the ranks of Red Robin’s best!!!

It’s easy to keep up with your camper through Red Robin’s Open Communication Policy.

Feel free to visit camp – just use the schedule you’ll receive for making appointments. You’ll see first-hand that we run the camp as if parents like you were with us at all times. We’ll also send you regular updates describing upcoming activities and camp-related events. Prior to camp, your child’s division head will call to personally introduce herself and discuss your child’s unique qualities and any specific items you deem important. Consider her your partner throughout the summer and your direct link by phone, enabling you to follow your child’s camp experience. Daily camp pictures and videos, posted on Facebook, as well as Red Robin’s website, will also help to capture your child’s life in camp. Please rest assured that campers’ names are NEVER used in any of these online images. We welcome parents to Red Robin, but please be forewarned… only your children can attend camp! When they do, you can spend the summer watching them soar!


Red Robin Country Day School and Camp
Nassau County New York Summer Day Camp
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