Miss Lori’s Pre-K Class – November 18, 2016 News Flash


Dear Pre-K Families,

We have been very busy over the past few weeks talking about Thanksgiving and the meaning behind it.  Your children have made a beautiful turkey centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.  The children have also made a turkey wreath, which can be hung up to decorate your home.  The boys and girls have made Native American “shakers”, headdresses, and Pilgrim hats.  Our class has spoken about what each person is thankful for.  I have attached a list for you to see!  Thank you to all of our families that have been sending in food for our canned food drive.  Your children are so happy to know that their donations will enable someone less fortunate to have food to eat.

All of your children have made an “Ff” puppet.  They made “Firefighter Fred” and we have been practicing writing the upper and lower case “Ff”.  We also made a chart with many “F” words that your children have thought of.

Our class turkey is hanging on our door with all of the beautiful feathers your children have created.  Your children love seeing their work displayed on our door and all around the room!


  • Reminder: Our class feast is on Wednesday, November 23. Please fill out the sign up sheet and return it in your child’s folder.  Thank you to everyone that has signed up already.  All of your children are so excited to have a feast in school with their friends!  We are closed next Thursday and Friday, November 24th and 25th for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wishing all of our families a great weekend and a very happy Thanksgiving!!!


Miss Lori & Miss Kristine

http://planetprana.com/2015/11/november-kula-class/ I Am Thankful For…

Melinda- “my little sister”

Anthony- “my toys”

Michelle- “my brother”

Ayden- “my mommy and daddy”

Bilal- “that I have food to eat”

Kamran- “that I have toys”

Ava- “my toys and my mommy”

Maddox- “my bed”

Logan- “that I have my mommy”

Yasmeena- “food”

Enzo- “I am thankful for this class!”




















Full Report I Am Thankful For…



Melinda- “my little sister”


Anthony- “my toys”


Michelle- “my brother”


Ayden- “my mommy and daddy”


Bilal- “that I have food to eat”


Kamran- “that I have toys”


Ava- “my toys and my mommy”


Maddox- “my bed”


Logan- “that I have my mommy”


Yasmeena- “food”


Enzo- “I am thankful for this class!”

Red Robin Nursery Newsletter 11/1416 – 11/18/16

cenforce 200 kaufen Dear Parents,

          Thanksgiving is probably my favorite day of the year!  It is a time for gathering all those closest to our hearts, and your children are no exceptions! In preparing we have been talking about the main concepts related to Thanksgiving such as the season, our nation’s history and most importantly, gratitude.  In language arts this past week, we read The Very First Thanksgiving by Rhonda Greene.  This wonderfully age-appropriate book introduced the children to a national tradition, which began with a shared feast between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.  We also read stories that stressed the underlying message of giving and being thankful.  The Giving Tree, an uplifting tale by Shel Silverstein, told of a tree that selflessly gives of itself to a small boy.  Give Thanks for Each Day by Steve Metzger was a sweet book about being thankful for all the little things in our lives like a hug, a parade, a bath or a new toy.  It also reminded us to be thankful for each other.  After reading the book, we asked each child what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Here are their answers:

Vihaan       “Christmas!”

Maya            “Ice Cream!”

Donovan     “Chocolate Milk!”

Cydni           “My friend Stella and my brother!”

Dora             “Mommy”

Jackson       “The stars in the sky!”

Markela       “Hershey kisses!”

Josef             “My little Elmo!”

Hunter         “Goldfish”

Fiona            “My new pink and white dress!”

Stella            “Vanilla ice cream!”

Max              “Lollipops!”

Breilan       “Walking through the Jungle….song!”

Erica           “My cousins Morgan & Kyle!”

Anmay        “My bear!”

Sarah          “Mommy & Daddy and my puppy Sarah!”

Anaisa        “Apples!”

Marco        “Broccoli & carrots!”  

          Our food drive was yet another way we demonstrated selfless giving and respect for others.  We extend a genuine thanks to all of our parents who donated so generously to our canned food drive.  We will deliver them to the “Westbury Neighborhood House” whose role within the community is to help the poor and needy.  They rely solely on donations, so thank you for making a difference!  Your kind contributions will further help the children to appreciate this critical life lesson.

          On Wednesday, we introduced the letter “Ff”.  We reinforced the sound with words such as fox, fish, firetruck, flag and Fiona!  Since our stories this past week centered on FISH, it was a perfect time to take out the flannel board and giggle our way through “Five Little Fishies, Teasing Mr. Shark.” The children had a lot of fun anticipating the “SNAP of the shark’s jaws!  We also read Rainbow Fish and Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea by Marcus Pfister, and then water-colored our own!  Both books were stories of friendship and sharing.

          In music we’ve been learning a fun “Turkey” song.  Ask your children to sing “Just Like That” for you.  In case they forgot the words, they are written on their adorable take-home gobblers!!!  We also sang “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”, and then took out our big, laminated flip chart and sang the letter song.  As always, when it was over, the children shouted, “Let’s sing it again!” It went like this…

Ff (to the tune of Alouette)

Five fast fishes

swimming down the river.

Five fast fishes

swimming down the stream.

Swimming past five floating logs.

Swimming past five croaking frogs.

Floating logs. Croaking frogs.

Five fast fishes.

          For obvious reasons we will not be introducing a new letter this week. We will continue to reinforce the letter “Ff” and the color “green”.  Our math focus will remain on the “rectangle” shape and the number “four”.

          On Monday 11/21, we will have our annual Thanksgiving tasting party! This will be a re-enactment of the First Thanksgiving.  Each child will be adorned at school as either a Native American or Pilgrim.  The class will enjoy the feast, together with music to match the setting.  We cannot wait to enjoy our bounty with all our friends!

          In closing we would just like to mention that we are thankful for all of you and the many magical moments we share with your children.  They help us daily to see the world in bright new ways.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


                                                          Miss Joanne and Miss Sam

Miss Louise’s Newsletter – November 14, 2016

Dear Families:

Parent Teacher Conferences were a wonderful way to reconnect and look at how far your children have come since September. If you were unable to meet last week, we can still arrange for a phone conference or in person conference. Call the office to make arrangements.

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week! This week we are collecting canned and non-perishable boxed foods for those less fortunate than us. It is a wonderful lesson for our children. We always talk about helping our friends, sharing, and getting along; but this reminds the children that we also need to be kind and look after others who are not as lucky as we are to have food on our table every day.

Our Thanksgiving projects are coming along! We will be learning a Thanksgiving song about a turkey. Ask your child to sing it for you. It will put a smile on your face. We will be reading Thanksgiving books: Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving, Ten Turkeys Hide, and My First Thanksgiving.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving in our classroom with a Thanksgiving Tasting Feast on Monday, November 21st. As with Halloween, all of our children are invited to come to school and celebrate on that day. We are attaching a list of potential foods for you to share.

Looking forward to another great week.

Miss Louise, Miss Alexa, & Miss Enedina


Although autumn leaves crunch beneath our feet
70 degree weather in November reminds us of the summer heat
Memories of all our incredible camp fun
So many exciting activities for everyone
On November 15th our Early Bird flies away
So please sign up and don’t delay!

KIZOA-Movie-Maker-ybejkt4x from RedRobinSchoolVideo on Vimeo.


News Flash from Miss Lori’s Class – November 4, 2016

Dear Pre-K Families,

All of your children had such a great time coming to school dressed in costume on Monday! There was so much excitement in the air as each child arrived and the boys and girls were checking out every costume. Even all of the teachers were dressed up. Our Halloween parade was a lot of fun, as we paraded around the school to spooky music. Afterward, all of the children went trick-or-treating where they were given lots of goodies in the bags they had decorated. Our class party was delicious! All of the children enjoyed the treats that were sent in. Thank you for helping us have a special Halloween party.
Picture day went off without a hitch. Your children looked absolutely adorable all dressed up! I’m sure the photos will be gorgeous!
We completed another page in our “All About Me” book. Your children were interviewed about all sorts of topics and we wrote down exactly what they said. Some of the answers were hysterical! You will need to wait until graduation day to look at this fabulous book your children are creating.
A few reminders…
• Tuesday, November 8, is Parent-Teacher conference day. I have sent home a note with your children reminding you of the time you have chosen for Tuesday, as well as our back up date and time, in case I have jury duty. I will contact each of you as soon as I find out if I will be at school Tuesday, November 8 for conferences.
• Next Friday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day. School is closed.
• Due to the short week next week, as well as the week of Thanksgiving, we will introduce the letters “E” and “F” over the next two and a half weeks. We will resume the Monday after Thanksgiving with the letter “G”.
• Picture retake will be after Thanksgiving. We are waiting for you to see your pictures and then make a decision if you would like to do a retake.
• Enjoy your weekend!
Miss Lori and Miss Kristine


Miss Anne’s Class – October News 2016

Dear Parents,
                Happy fall!  Happy autumn!  It was great meeting so many of you at orientation!  The school year has begun and the children are adjusting beautifully.  They are making new friends and are enjoying getting to know each other.  We have been concentrating on establishing a routine that will enhance the learning process so that they will feel comfortable and happy in their new school environment.
                We “adopted” a tree near the tree house that we can also observe from our classroom window.  We stood under our tree and noticed that the leaves were still green.  We returned to our room and started working on our summer tree.  The children will be documenting the changes as we begin making a book, a “Tree for all Seasons”.  The book will be completed next spring.
                We are working on writing, learning how to hold a pencil, and how to write different types of lines.  Straight lines, slanted lines, horizontal lines, and curved lines make up the letters of the alphabet.  We have also been practicing writing their first names using upper and lower case letters.  Many of the children, who write their own names write using mostly upper case letters.  Please encourage your child to write his/her name the way I have written it on his/her homework sheet.  Only the first letter in their name should be an upper case letter, followed by lower case letters.  They are all very diligent and doing a terrific job!
                We have almost completed letter Aa and will begin letter Bb next week.  We will be reinforcing and reviewing one letter per week (except weeks that are short due to holidays).  The letter Bb will be covered over two weeks due to the fact that school will be closed on Monday October 3rd and Tuesday October 4th, and the following week school will be closed on Monday October 10th and Wednesday October 12th.  We are making a puppet for each letter of the alphabet.  These projects help with fine motor skills through tracing, cutting and gluing.  The parts to each puppet start out the same but it is amazing how different each puppet turns out.
                We have been discussing class rules and manners.  I have always taught the children in my class to treat their classmates the way they like to be treated.  We will be striving to fill the world with kindness as “kids of character.”
                Some of our topics for October are Christopher Columbus, Fire Safety, Halloween Safety, and Photosynthesis.  We will travel to Hicks Nursery on Wednesday, October 19th to visit Otto the Ghost Halloween display and to look for signs of autumn.  It is always a fun trip!  Permission forms will be sent home soon.
                Our Halloween Costume Party will be on Monday, October 31st, please make sure all the parts to your child’s costume have his/her name on them.  If your child’s costume is too cumbersome to travel to school in, then send it in a bag and we will help them put it on.  Also, please make sure your child has clothes to change into at lunchtime so he/she can eat lunch without worrying about getting their costumes dirty.  There will be more information to follow regarding Halloween.
                I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Joe will be working with our class this school year!  Welcome Mr. Joe!
                As you can see, we have a busy month ahead and we know the children are as excited about school as we are!  I am looking forward to a fantastic year with your child!  If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!
Miss Anne


October 3rd & 4th                            School Closed/Rosh Hashana
October 10th                                      School Closed/Columbus Day
October 12th                                       School Closed/Yom Kippur
October 19th                                      Class Trip to Hicks Nursery
October 31st                                       Halloween Costume Party
November 8th                                   Election Day/School Closed; Parent Teacher Conferences




September 19, 2016

Welcome to our classroom. It was wonderful meeting everyone last week. Your children really enjoyed their first day(s). This week we are going to get to know one another through songs, playtime, snack, art projects and books. The weather forecast for the week is a good one—sunny days that will not be too hot. We can go outside and play on the playground and use our large muscles (gross motor skills). Please send your children in sneakers or rubber-soled shoes so they may play safely outdoors.

This week we will introduce our routines: the calendar, weather chart, the shape of the month (a circle), and the color of the month (yellow), and circle time. We will learn our days of the week song, our weather song, and The Wheels on the Bus. We will be singing a lot this year, so don’t be surprised if your child serenades you in the car or at home.

If you have not already sent in your child’s change of clothes, diapers/pull-ups, wipes, sweater/hoodie, old t-shirt to be used as a smock, and shoe box; please send it in as soon as you can. It doesn’t all have to come in on the same day.

We will send home a book order this week. There is no obligation to buy anything. Next month, we will introduce our Rainbow Catcher. More specific information will come home about it then.

Looking forward to a great week and a great year!

Miss Louise, Miss Alexa, & Miss Enedina

September 30, 2016 News Flash From Miss Lori’s Pre-K Class

Dear Pre-K Families,

We had a busy week learning all about the letter “Aa”.  We discussed the sound the letter makes and thought of all kinds of words that begin with the letter “Aa”.  Your children made an “Al the Alligator” puppet.  We also began “Show and Tell” this week.  The boys and girls really enjoyed coming up to show their special “Aa” show and tell.  They loved talking about it, and answering questions from their peers!

Our class tasted 3 different types of apples and we graphed each child’s favorite taste and color.  After completing our chart, we discovered by counting, that red apples were our class favorite.  As we cut open each apple, the children saw that a star is inside of every apple with seeds inside of the star.  After this, we sliced and peeled 10 apples, added water, sugar, and cinnamon to make applesauce.  Our class loved doing this activity together.  The best part was eating it afterwards.  We also read a book about apples.  The girls and boys learned how apples grow and all about the job of a farmer.  They also learned what an apple orchard is.  Your children are excited to go apple picking!

We decorated the door to our classroom by painting a beautiful fall tree; it was painted by everyone in our class.  Apples and leaves were also painted and they are hanging on our tree.  Your children are very proud of their artwork!

We have begun writing in our journals.  The sight word for the week is the word “at”.  We made the “at family” and came up with many rhyming words just by putting a letter in front of the word “at”.  Your children were so proud of themselves as they all helped to read the word family.

We are very proud of your children for all of their hard work they are exhibiting, both in school and at home.  We are happy to see their homework that is coming in each day.  A few reminders about their homework: 1. Please make sure to use pencil, unless the directions specify to “color”.               2.  Please make sure when writing their name, as well as any words, to use an uppercase letter for the first letter of their name and lowercase letters for the remaining letters.  Thank you for all of your support!!!

Next week is a short week so we will be starting the letter “Bb” on Wednesday when we come back to school.  We will continue the letter “Bb” the following week as well because that is also a short week (we have no school on October 3, 4, 10, and 12th).  Therefore, the homework can be done over the next two weeks.

We would like to wish everyone a happy, fun, and long fall weekend.  We will see everyone back at school next Wednesday.


Miss Lori and Miss Kristine

P.S. ~ The Pre-K classes will be going to Hicks on October 19th!  Hooray!!!  More Fall fun!

Permission slips will be coming home next week!