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Dear Families:

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble. We leave Halloween behind us and start preparing for Thanksgiving. We will be creating turkeys, cornucopias, Pilgrims, Native Americans, corn, and many other Thanksgiving crafts and decorations. Your tables and homes will be very festive for years to come.

Our color of the month will be brown. We have a new song to sing to the tune of Old MacDonald. The children really love our color songs. We hope that they are singing them to you. Our shape of the month will be a triangle. We will learn a new song to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell. It is the same tune as we sang for our previous shapes, circle and square, but with different words. Whenever you see these shapes and colors in your everyday lives, point them out to your children. Better yet, ask them to tell you the item’s color or shape. For example; when eating pizza you can ask your child: “What shape is this slice of pizza?” If you go to the store; ask your child: “What color is this monkey?”

As the weather grows colder, we will use our large muscles by painting at the easel, dancing, and moving to songs during indoor playtime. The children love to follow the directions while going on a “Bear Hunt”, doing the “Number Rhumba”, and following along to “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” among others.

This month we will introduce some sensory activities such as finger painting and playing with shaving cream. These activities allow your children to get messy in a creative way, and allow them to be more open to different textures while playing. Their smocks will come in handy for those experiences!

As you can see below, we have welcomed Miss Jade into our room. Miss Anastasia has moved up to our three year olds, and we see her on a regular basis when she comes into our building. Although we miss her, we love Miss Jade, too and are pleased that she has joined our class family!!!

Looking forward to another great week!!!

Miss Louise, Miss Enedina, Miss Jade & Mr. Joe


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Nursery Weekly Newsletter

10/26/15 – 10/30/15

Dear Parents,

          What a week! Everyone here at Red Robin and especially your little goblins, had a frighteningly good time celebrating Halloween!  Outdoors, music blared as the children paraded around in their Halloween finery.  They followed two “Minions” that looked a LOT like Miss Sheryl and Mr. Michael!  The children were beyond delighted to select a special pumpkin treat from the patch and line up for even more treats from the “Minions” private stash!

          For snack we made a revolting recipe like Monster Mash!  We took…..

1 scoop       boo goo                (vanilla ice cream)

1 tbsp         swamp mud         (chocolate syrup)

1 tbsp         spider fangs         (mini chocolate chips)

10               mummy toes        (mini marshmallows)

….We placed all the ingredients in a plastic cup and mashed it with a spoon.  We then topped it with snake slime (green food-colored cool whip!)  It was NOT for the fainthearted but grossilicious!!!!  In addition to that, Miss Anastasia prepared an edible pumpkin patch!  The clementine pumpkins and banana ghosts were a fresh option and great alternative to candy!  A heartfelt thanks to all parents who contributed goodies and those that really wanted to!  Thank you for understanding the need for a nut-free environment. I truly appreciate ALL your good intentions but we breathe easier knowing your children are safe, secure and happy.

          Inside we huddled together for some spooky stories!  They brought some shivers down our spine, but what would Halloween be without a good scare!  Our favorite spooky story was The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams. The children repeated and acted out…..clomp, wiggle, shake, clap, nod and BOO as the old lady was stalked in the woods by articles of clothing!  We also read the nail biting Halloween story The Soup Bone by Tony Johnston.  If the children became afraid, they were told to push their brave button. (their nose) Many sat with their finger on their nose throughout the story!!!! Too cute!!!

Feel free to remind them of their “brave button” if they’re ever scared.

          A Halloween party is not a “Graveyard Smash” unless you have the right music to set the atmosphere.  Throughout the week, we had a cauldron of Halloween songs to get us in the spooky spirit!

          Due to assessments and all of our Halloween activities, we did not introduce a new letter, number, color or shape last week. Instead we reviewed what was learned to date.  This week however we will move full speed ahead and introduce the Exciting and Engaging letter “Ee”!  Our number focus will be “three”, and our color focus will change to “green”. The shape will remain “square” since our “Dexter the Square, Green Dog” project is a work in progress.

          This week our “Circle Time” discussions will focus on Veteran’s Day.  We will talk about our Veterans’ amazing courage, accomplishments and sacrifices. The children will learn that Veteran’s Day means more than just a day off from school and that we must never take our freedom for granted.

          I am looking forward to seeing you at Parent-Teacher conferences!

          Enjoy the week!


                                                Miss Joanne

Dates to Remember:

November 3rd                        Parent-Teacher Conferences (No classes)

November 11th                       School Closed – Veterans’ Day

November 26th thru 29th      School Closed – Thanksgiving Holiday

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Dear Pre-K Families,

The upper and lower case “Cc” was introduced this week.  We discussed the sound the letter makes and thought of all kinds of words that begin with the letter “C.”  In addition, each child made a “Cowboy Curly” puppet and wrote the upper and lower case “C.”  We read books that begin with the letter of the week as well.  A favorite was If You Give A Cat A Cupcake by Laura Numeroff.

I want to thank all of our families for helping your children with the wonderful homework that I am seeing each day!  Your children are always so excited to take their homework out of their folder to show to me.  I love all of the different pictures that I see for each letter as well.  Your children really seem to enjoy Show and Tell.  They can’t wait to stand in front of their classmates and “show and tell” all about their special item from home.  Their friends then have a chance to ask and answer questions all about it.  Surprisingly, the boys and girls are not shy while they are standing in front of the class!!

The excitement is in the air ever since we changed the month on our calendar to October!  We all know that Halloween is coming.  We have been doing a spooky pumpkin finger play with the class, which they love, although, they scream so loud at the end each time!

We will be making large pumpkin people which will decorate our classroom.  We will be making a pumpkin name puzzle next week as well.  Our class has been talking all about pumpkins- where they grow and what is inside.  We talked about opening up a class pumpkin and seeing what is inside.  We are going to roast the seeds inside as well as cook something with the pulp from the pumpkin.  Speaking of cooking, we made cat cookies for the letter “Cc.”  The cookies were delicious!

Our number book is well under way.  We will be finishing it next week.  Wait until you see it!  The book is all about fall.  Every number page requires the children to recognize the number, write the number, and count up to that number.  They use their fine motor skills to cut, glue, write, color, and paint each page in the book.  This book is a special work of art and is great keepsake for your child and you!

Lastly, we read the book Corduroy by Don Freeman.  The boys and girls decorated Corduroy’s face and cut out his outfit all by themselves!  Their bears are adorable.  We also have huge leaves decorating our room.  The children used fall color finger paints to decorate them.  Our classroom looks so festive!

Enjoy your weekend!


Miss Lori and Miss Kristine


Picture Day October 21 and October 22

Class Trip to Hicks Nursery Friday October 23.  Please make sure to send back the permission slip if you have not done so already.

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October 13, 2015

Dear Families:

We hope you enjoyed your extra-long weekend. We begin this week with a birthday celebration for Carmine. We can’t wait to party with him!

During Circle Time we will be learning how to spell our names using our name cards. We will look at our name cards, ask the group who that person is, and then spell their name. Our job chart will also feature our name cards. For now, the name cards will have a picture attached to them. By January, we will remove those pictures. You will be amazed at how quickly the children will have learned how to recognize their name and those of their peers.

With the weather remaining nice; we will use our large muscles on the playground, field, and in our indoor/outdoor area. This week we will go on a pumpkin hunt in our field. We will scatter small craft pumpkins around the field and then encourage the children to find them and fill up our basket. After that, we will enjoy our snack at the picnic tables.

Our stories and crafts are Fall and Halloween related. We are making squirrels, acorns, pumpkins, using many different techniques with crayons, paint, stickers, and foam. Our room is buzzing with activity every day.

Looking forward to a great week,

 Miss Louise, Miss Anastasia, Miss Enedina & Mr. Joe

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Nursery Weekly Newsletter

10/5/15 – 10/9/15

Dear Parents,

          It is hard to believe that October is half way over and soon we will be into Halloween and November!!!  The children are already talking about what their costumes will be and excitement is in the air!

          Autumn will be exploding in our classroom throughout the remainder of this month.  The sights and smells of fall will be experienced firsthand by viewing the changing fall colors and walking through the leaves.  We will also have a pumpkin exploration by observing the inside of a pumpkin, as well as the outside!

          The children are settling well into the routine of school and are enjoying playing and learning with all of their friends.

          This past week has been nothing short of a buzzing, beautiful, bluish, brilliant, blustery, batty and bedazzling week full of belly laughs!!!

          During “Circle Time” we introduced the letter “Bb”, associating the sound with the letter.  Examples of words were given such as bear, bike, balloon, Batman and Bilal!  To further reinforce the letter we dipped blue balloons in blue paint and bounced them on a pre-cut letter B.  We are creating our own alphabet books, so all letters will remain in school.  Alphabet books are a great reading tool and publishing our own should prove to be a fun learning experience.

Throughout the week we passed out some bean bags and had a “rockin” good time doing the Beanie Bag Dance!!!  These types of movement songs help the children develop their self-esteem, gross motor skills, social skills, listening skills and so much more.  We invited them to sing, dance, balance and toss their bean bags to the beat!

There were times during the week when we got a little “batty” and allowed our amazing mechanical bat to fly around the room!  The red eyed rodent flapped his wings in a most convincing manner!  We also discussed bats and read the book Hello, Bumblebee Bat by Darrin Lunde.  Ask your children what a bat eats (fruit & insects); what they’re afraid of (birds & humans); and how they sleep (up-side down)!

          Other “Circle Time” discussions centered on Christopher Columbus.  In order to give the children a better understanding of what this man actually did, we taught them that Columbus was an explorer (like Dora!) who sailed the ocean to find and learn about new lands.  Ask them what the names of his three ships were? (Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria)

This past week we also had fun with a gross motor activity called bubble wrap dancing!  We turned on some lively music with a strong beat and jumped to the song!  What a bubble-popping blast!

          Since children love to create, we had even more fun stringing a variety of fun beads.  Stringing beads is a wonderful fine motor activity. It helps children improve their eye-hand coordination and their attention to task!  

This past week we also reinforced the “circle” shape as well as the color “blue.”  Our number focus was “zero.”

          Some books we read and thoroughly enjoyed included, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle, and a Goldilocks and The Three Bears flannel board story.  The children were full of suspense wondering whether Goldilocks would get caught after she barged into a bear’s home uninvited!  They learned never to enter a house without permission (ESPECIALLY if it belongs to bears!)  An absolute favorite this week was The Blue Balloon by Mick Inkpen.  The book, like a balloon, had some special features.  Several pages folded up and out enabling the balloon to grow and grow!  Since balloons naturally create a fun environment, we blew one up and demonstrated how it “sings” when air escapes and how it can fly around the room….out of control!!!  I thought several of the children might jump out of their skin…..when it took off!  Their reactions made this activity hilarious!

          At snack on Thursday we baked a batch of banana muffins!!! Cooking with three and four year olds can be a daunting task!  It requires cooperation and lots of patience!  Miss Cassandra and I were very proud of their focus and teamwork!   It’s not easy waiting for a turn to mash and stir!  The children seemed to really love the opportunity to create their own snack.

          In music we learned the Letter B Song from our flip chart.  As usual, the children’s response was “LET’S SING IT AGAIN!!!”  It went like this….

Bb (to the tune of Ninety Nine Bottles)

Bubba’s best buddy

was Bingo the Bear.

Bubba was Bingo’s best friend.

They both lived together

on Blueberry Lane

picking big berries

in sun and in rain.

          We will finish up our “Life in a Bag” presentations this week.  I can’t tell you how much fun they have been.  We learned so many new things about our friends and how much we actually have in common. The children learned what makes each of THEM special and unique! We shared pictures of family, pets, vacations, books, favorite foods, toys, sports, colors and activities.  No one needed very much prompting. The children held up their items proudly!  Thank you for helping to make this project a success for your child!  To go along with our “All About Me” theme, we read some wonderful books. Parts and More Parts by Ted Arnold focused on body parts. The rhyming text in these books took a humorous look at how a little boy copes with the fact that he is apparently becoming unglued! These funny stories cracked us up! (but not literally!) We then took things a step further and did a fun activity called “Where’s the body part?” As I called out a body part (i.e.: head, eyebrow, forehead, wrist, knee etc. etc.) the children had to put a sticker dot on that part.  Check out our self-labeling on Facebook!!!!

          We have really been enjoying the fall weather in nursery.  It’s been a great time for some outdoor bubble fun!  The children scramble to hunt them down and pop every single one!

          This week we will introduce the letter “Cc.”  We will also be learning the number “one.”  Our color focus will change to “orange.”

          Halloween parties and pumpkin picking in the “Magic Pumpkin Patch” has been scheduled for October 29th and 30th.  Children should arrive in costume on those days.  (If they chose not to wear one, that’s fine too!)  In addition to that, the school photographer will be at Red Robin on October 21st and 22nd, taking class and individual pictures of the children.

          Enjoy the week!


                                                                   Miss Joanne

October Birthdays:

Maddox John               10/4

Logan Jubraj               10/22

Dates to Remember:

 October 21st & 22nd       SMILE & Say Cheese Days!  PICTURE DAYS

 October 29th & 30th            Magic Pumpkin Patch (On Red Robin grounds)                         

                                         Premium Spooktacular Halloween Parties

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Nursery Weekly Newsletter

9/17/15 – 9/18/15

 Dear Parents,

          Wow, can you believe that autumn begins on Wednesday!  I have really missed the children over the summer and I’m very excited about working with some new families this year.  It was so nice to meet most of you at orientation and put faces with names.  I was excited to see so many returning families!  Together we will provide a positive and nurturing environment where your child can learn and develop at his/her own pace.

      Again, I would like to welcome you and your child to the Red Robin Nursery Program.  Miss Cassandra and I are delighted to have your child in our class this year.  Your children will achieve much in terms of academic growth, self-confidence, and most importantly, social skills.

      A lot of three year olds have never been to school before and even though they are excited about coming, some are going to have a hard time separating from you.  (And you from them!)  Some children enter this new adventure without a backwards glance.  Others need a helping hand.  Smooth transitions are as important to us as they are to you, so if your child needs an extra hug and kiss, feel free!  However, when the time comes for you to leave, we encourage you to reassure them that you will see them later and with a big smile, firmly say “Goodbye.”  Then, without hesitation, leave promptly.  Rest assured that they will soon become involved in class activities.  Lingering separations are difficult for all of us because of the lack of clarity and insecurity it fosters.

      At the beginning of the year, when we plan our curriculum, we always include discussions and stories around separation anxiety.  In our attempt to help the children accept separation, last week we read First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg, Froggy Goes To School by Jonathan London and I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt.  These wonderful books helped the children relate to the school experiences of others!

          Since music is such an important part of our curriculum, we have already started singing together in circle time.  Some of the songs we’ve enjoyed are: “The Wheels on the Bus”, “I’ve Got Two Eyes!” (Ask your child why this is his or her favorite!), “The Alphabet Song” and “Morning Exercise”.

      We have been reviewing behavior expectations and safety concerns in our classroom and on the playground.  We are teaching the children how to use certain centers and showing them where everything goes.  We are working on responsibility, independence and name recognition as we hang up our backpacks.  We are getting to know each other a little better and discovering that school is a fun place to be

      This week I will continue to focus on welcoming the children to Nursery.  You can expect your child to play with large and small blocks, cars and trucks, trains, puzzles play-doh and other manipulatives.  The kitchen area and housekeeping will also be available.  The paint easel will be open during center time for the children to pursue their own creative ideas.  We will begin the hard process of learning to take turns with toys, seating, talking, teachers’ attention etc.

          Once the children are comfortable with the routines, I will begin our “All about Me” theme.  We will immerse ourselves in getting to know one another as individuals and as a class.  We will talk about how special we are in our own unique way.  We will also learn about our emotions and feelings, and how to express them.

          The week of the 28th, we will begin our journey through the alphabet.  We will reinforce the letter “A” using arts and crafts as well as skill-enhancing activities.  Appropriately, “Having Fun with Apples” will be our fall theme.  We weave these thematic ideas into our daily activities through literature, art, discovery (science and math), dramatic play, gross motor and small motor play, snack, along with small group activities and circle times (where more directed learning happens).

          In closing I’d like to say “thanks” to my Nursery parents for all the help with our first few days of school! You have been a tremendous help remembering things, sending things, and most importantly bringing me well-rested and eager young children.  This group is amazing me with their questions and enthusiasm!

          Thank you for giving me the pleasure to get to know your wonderful children and be a part of their lives.  I truly have the BEST job in the world! Thank you for sharing your treasures with me!

          Enjoy the week!!



                                                          Miss Joanne

Dates to Remember:


9/23                      School Closed – Yom Kippur

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Dear Red Robin Families,

It may be hard to believe, but EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION for the school year officially began at Red Robin on January 8, 2015. We are extremely proud of Red Robin’s more than 58 year history of providing outstanding scholastic experiences for our students. Our administrative team, teachers, assistant teachers, curriculum and facilities are all dedicated to early childhood development, education, nurturance and social, emotional growth.

Whether our Toddler, Nursery, Pre-K, or Kindergarten program, the same love, support, and individualized, quality education that you have come to experience at Red Robin Country Day School is provided at all developmental levels. We thoroughly prepare our students for public school and believe that starting the scholastic experience early helps to build stronger cognitive and social skills. In fact, the academic foundation and friendships formed in preschool often impact children for a lifetime!!!

We have enhanced our extremely comprehensive curriculum by incorporating educational technology. Our Pre-K students now have the benefit of truly cutting edge lessons through the use of our Smart Board, enabling our teachers to offer their classes an interactive, multi-media experience. All classes are becoming fortified with ipads, used only to help develop an understanding of the digital world through educational applications.

In addition, our incredibly flexible schedules, one-way or round-trip transportation and EXTENDED DAY (7AM-6PM) options allow us to provide for each of our families and their individual needs. The EXTENDED DAY offers families the ability to drop their children off by 7AM and/or pick them up by 6PM, providing the additional peace of mind that comes from easing the stress of complicated work and family schedules.

Finally, please help us to meet your requests by signing up today. Many families have rushed to pre-register, so don’t let time slip away! Enrollment is limited and transportation needs become more difficult to satisfy as the year progresses. As an early bird registration courtesy, we will waive the $105 application fee for any families who register by January 31, 2015 and, by using the promo code REDROBINSOARS, you will receive an additional $100 loyalty discount when signing up for any three, four or five-day schedule for the 2015-2016 school year by January 31, 2015.

After January 31st, the $105 application fee will apply and the $100 courtesy discount will expire. Up until January 31st, families enrolling children for any two-day schedule will be able to waive the $105 application fee only.

When enrolling, feel free to visit our website at buy Click on the “buy provigil cephalon” page where you may find and print out all necessary registration materials. Write the promo code on the top right of the front of the School Registration Form, above our address. Please mail all of the forms back to us, along with the appropriate deposit.

Thank you as always for your continued friendship and for the privilege of working with your child, and your entire family. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or requests at (516) 334-1144.




Michael Cohn, MSW                      Sheryl Schwartz, MS
Owner/Director                              Educational Director


Also: Don’t Forget to Ask Us About Our Outstanding Summer Camp, Celebrating Its 58th Anniversary. Toddlers through 7th graders love our incredible camp programs and exciting trips offered to our oldest campers, so be certain to sign up today!!!

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February Newsletter

Hello Toddler Families,


Another month has flown by, with lots of snow and freezing cold days!  We have been working on our Winter/Snow unit and talking about all the different effects of the winter weather.  I will begin incorporating my Ipad into the classroom for one on one work with the children.  If there are any apps that you know of that work well for you, please feel free to let me know.


In the months since school has begun, we have learned many songs and with these songs there are lots of finger plays.  Some of the music we listen to often are; The Weather Song, Macarena Months, and The Days of the Week Song by Dr. Jean.  We also listen to Tooty Ta, Monkeys and the Alligator and Waddily Atcha by Dr. Jean.  Lori Berkner is in our play list as well.  Her songs include; I Really Love to Dance, Song in my Tummy, We are the Dinosaurs, I’m Gonna Catch You, and our infamous Clean it Up song.  The children really enjoy music time and playing with the instruments.


As usual we have read many books. Here is a list of some of the books we have read:

  • The Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers by Lisa Campbell Ernst
  • My Daddy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Martin Luther King Jr. III
  • Martin’s Big Words The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Doreen Rappaport
  • Curious George’s Snowy Day by Hans Agusto Ray
  • The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
  • Frederick by Leo Lioni
  • Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae
  • The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel


This month we have a couple of events occurring.  First we have our Pancake Pajama days on Wednesday, February 5th and Thursday, February 6th.  I would like for all of my students to be able to be a part of the ‘pancake’ portion of our Pajama day.  If there are children that eat a specific type of pancake due to allergies or diet, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can prepare accordingly and have something available for your child.  We have our Valentine’s Day celebration on Friday, February 14th.  All children are welcome to attend.    The week following our Valentine’s Day celebration, we have our winter break.  Our Winter Break is from February 17th- February 21st.  We return back to school on Monday, February 24th.   As always if you need to contact me, please call the school at 516-334-1144 or e-mail me at buy provigil overnight delivery



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