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60th Anniversary 20% Early Bird Discounts


As always, regardless of the schedule chosen, all of Red Robin’s programs are all-inclusive (tuition includes transportation, hot and cold lunches, snacks, a camp t-shirt, a camp backpack and fresh daily towel service).

A $1,200 deposit is required by September 30, 2017 in order to secure the 20% Anniversary discount for Camp 2018. All final payments are due in full by February 1, 2018. Please be advised that due to the significant early bird discount provided, there will be no exceptions to the deadlines above. In addition, all deposits and final payments must be paid by check or cash.

Full Day  
Full Day Eight Weeks ($5,795) $4,636
Full Day Seven Weeks ($5,695) $4,556
Full Day Six Weeks ($5,495) $4,396
Full Day Five Weeks ($4,695) $3,756
Full Day Four Weeks ($3,995) $3,196
Full Day Unique Weeks 16 Days (Pick Any 16 Camp Days) ($3,595) $2,876
Full Day Unique Weeks 24 Days (Pick Any 24 Camp Days) ($5,095) $4,076
Full Day Eight Week Super Senior Program
(3rd And 4th Graders Enjoy 3 Trips Per Week, An Overnight At Red Robin, And Our New Elective Clubs Program) ($5,995)
See Below For Club Getaway Trip Option
Full Day Four Week Super Senior Program
(3rd And 4th Graders Enjoy 3 Trips Per Week, An Overnight At Red Robin, And Our New Elective Clubs Program) ($4,195)
See Below For Club Getaway Trip Option
Full Day Eight Week Super Senior Adventure Program
(5th, 6th, And 7th Graders Enjoy 3 Day Trips Per Week, An Overnight, And Our New Elective Clubs Program) ($6,195)
See Below For Club Getaway Trip Option
Full Day Four Week Super Senior Adventure Program
(5th, 6th, And 7th Graders Enjoy 3 Day Trips Per Week, An Overnight At Red Robin, And Our New Elective Clubs Program)($4,295)
See Below For Club Getaway Trip Option


Mini Day  
Mini Day Eight Weeks ($5,495) $4,396
Mini Day Seven Weeks ($5,395) $4,316
Mini Day Six Weeks ($5,195) $4,156
Mini Day Five Weeks ($4,495) $3,596
Mini Day Four Weeks ($3,895) $3,116
Mini Day Unique Weeks 16 Days (Pick Any 16 Camp Days) ($3,395) $2,716
Mini Day Unique Weeks 24 Days (Pick Any 24 Camp Days) ($4,795) $3,836

Club Getaway Trip Option:
We are once again pleased to offer this experience to our Super Seniors (Campers entering 3rd and 4th grade) and Super Senior Adventurers (Campers entering 5th, 6th and 7th grade) during summer 2018… a three day, two night trip to Club Getaway, a camper’s dream!!! Campers get a taste of sleep away camp for only an additional $450. This optional trip will truly round out an exciting new itinerary of day trips for camp 2018. Check out buy provigil from india and buy provigil from canada for information about the wonderful experience they offer.

Please note:  

All rates shown above for Camp 2018 may be subject to increase at any time for families not enrolled prior to the increase.