News from Miss Louise’s Room – March 13, 2017

Dear Families:

Mother Nature has had fun with us over the last few weeks. She’s teased us with spring-like weather only to follow it with snow. We anticipate another snowstorm this Tuesday so be prepared.

On Wednesday, the 15th and Thursday, the 16th; we will have a tea party complete with tea and cookies. We will be drinking tea with our pinkies up and eating cookies made in the shape of letter “t” with Miss Tallulah. Our Saint Patrick’s Day celebration will be held on Friday the 17th. We will taste Irish Soda Bread and look for leprechaun’s gold. Be sure to wear your green!

This month, we have been reading many of Dr. Seuss’s books. We’ve read buy modafinil uk mastercard The Cat in the Hat, The Sneetches, rencontre coquine lezignan Fox in Socks, putas en vilanova i la geltru Green Eggs and Ham, and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. The children are enjoying the rhyming words and tongue twisters that Dr. Seuss is famous for. We will continue to read other famous books by Dr. Seuss such as Yertle the Turtle, Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now, The Foot Book, and The Lorax.  We talk about the many important life lessons that his books inspire such as trying new things, getting along with others, and taking care of the Earth. In addition to reading so many of his books, we have lots of art projects to go along with most of these books. We’re having lots of fun.

Looking forward to a wonderful week,

Miss Louise, Miss Alexa, & Miss Enedina

Red Robin Nursery Newsletter 3/6/17 – 3/10/17

Dear Parents,

S….so it looks like there’s SNOW way out of this impending blizzard! Our lesson plans for the week may be subject to a few changes depending on what Mother Nature decides to dump on us. In any event……stay warm and safe everybody!!! Fingers crossed that March will come in like a lion, BUT out like a lamb!!!!

This past week in “Circle Time”, we introduced the letter “Ss”. The children learned that S is an unreliable letter that often makes sounds other than the base (s) sound. For example: (s) as in snake, Stella and Sarah and (sh) as in shark. To highlight the letter we star-studded S and made some sensational, sequined seahorses!

During our “Circle Time” discussions we read Sharks by Catherine Nichols. The children were fascinated to learn that some sharks are as big as a school bus (whale shark) and some are so small they can fit in the palm of your hand (Cookie cutter shark)! With illustrations on every page, the children soon memorized the names of nearly every shark. Ask them which sharks people are afraid of most (Great White)! We also learned about spiders. Ask your children why spiders are NOT insects. (Spiders have eight legs while insects only have six.)

Snakes with their flicking tongues, unblinking stares, incredible agility and no visible arms or legs were topics of conversations this past week as well. The children seemed fascinated by certain special interest snakes like Rattlesnakes! Naturally we had to have some fun with a “Rattlesnake Eggs” prank! The envelope warned of the dangers and the children were beyond curious. They’d learned that rattlesnakes are best known for their rattles and that when you hear it, you should RUN! They knew what the word “venomous” meant but were confident that these eggs wouldn’t hatch till spring. So, several victims, including Joey, Cydni and Erica volunteered to open the envelope and report to us what the tiny eggs looked like! Little did they know that inside the envelope, there was a rubber band assembly that uncoiled, causing a loud rattling sound as if the eggs had hatched.  All three of them boldly stepped forward to open the envelope. ALL courageous…..UNTIL….the rattle sounded!!! PRICELESS!!!

This past week we also learned to let our fingers do the talking!!! The children learned that just like learning a foreign language, sign language opens up a new path of communication, especially with the hearing impaired. Using American Sign Language we taught the children to sing and sign “Each of Us is a Flower”. They were not only interested but a lot of them acquired it easily! It’s a great skill to learn at an early age. It went like this:


Each of us is a flower

Growing in life’s garden

Each of us is a flower

We need the sun and rain.



Sun, shine your warmth on me

Moon, cool me with your night

Wind, bring the gentle rain

Earth, take my roots down deep.


I’m confident your child will be thrilled to practice his/her “secret language” with you! Ask them to sign “I love you!!”

We also thought that since we based all our learning around the letter “S”, it might be a good time to get out the anti-smoking message. We discussed the health risks and the importance of making good choices.

Two more “S” words that we had some fun with last week was Solar System.

The sun, moon, stars and planets are fascinating to young children who see the stars twinkle in the night sky. They learned that there are eight planets since Pluto has been left out in the cold. We learned that there is no evidence of life on other planets. Ask them which planet is closest to the sun (Mercury), and why we can’t live there! (too hot) Ask them which planet is the largest (Jupiter) and which one has the rings around it (Saturn). Ask why Mars is called the “red” planet! (red soil) To demonstrate the planets sizes and locations in the Solar System, we used a Styrofoam kit. We positioned the planets around the sun for some totally far out fun!

We also did some scarf dancing this past week. Dancing in the nursery is already fun, and adding scarves to the mix brings the entertainment to a whole new level! We held our brightly colored scarves by a corner and waved them around in time to “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”! Everyone got very creative!

Our flip-chart song for the week was:

Ss (to the tune Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Sing, sing, sing a song,

Sing a silly song.

Singily, jingily,

Ringily, swingily,

Won’t you sing along?

We continue to review our numbers, colors and shapes. This week’s letter focus will be “Tt.” To keep the children immersed in the learning, on Tuesday and Wednesday (weather permitting) we will have a tea party!! On Thursday and Friday, it will be all about the GREEN! As we prepare to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, encourage your child to spread some Irish cheer by wearing green on those two days.

The FOLLOWING week we will reinforce the concept that letter U always follows Q in words. On Wednesday, March 22nd we will unite those two letters in matrimony! The nursery’s Royal Wedding will be complete with music, decorations, ceremony and reception. Your child is encouraged to bring a gift for the happy couple but it must start with a Q or U. (i.e.: Q-tips, umbrella, Quaker oats, ukulele, quarter). Please see attached formal invitation. We will be selecting a bride and groom to represent letters Q & U by drawing names from a hat. This will take place on Monday 3/13. We will share our winners in the next newsletter!

“Wishin’ you a pot o’gold and all the joy your heart can hold”. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!




Miss Joanne and Miss Sam


March Birthdays:

Fiona                                                  3/23


Dates to Remember:

March 14th & 15th                             Tea parties!

March 16th & 17th                             St. Patrick’s Day parties!!  WEAR GREEN!

March 22nd                                        THE ROYAL WEDDING OF LETTERS Q & U!


Mardi Gras 2017

Mardi Gras 2017 from RedRobinSchoolVideo on Vimeo.


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Miss Louise’s Newsletter – February 27, 2017

February 27, 2017

Dear Families:

Welcome back! We hope that you had an enjoyable vacation and are well rested. We start the week with Megan’s birthday. On Thursday and Friday, we will celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday by having Mr. Michael read to us. Throughout the month of March, we will read Dr. Seuss books and create projects to go along with those books.

We will introduce our new color and shape for the month of March. Green will abound as we make leprechauns and shamrocks for Saint Patrick’s Day, and kites will be flying as we learn about diamonds.

With spring, Passover, and Easter approaching; we will be reading books about spring plants and animals. We will also read books about the Easter bunny and Passover celebrations. Over the next few weeks we will be creating Easter baskets, Easter eggs, and spring flowers. We will taste matzah with butter and cream cheese, make a matzah man, and create a Seder plate as well.

We look forward this month to the wedding of Q and U. Miss Joanne’s class will throw an amazing wedding officiated by Mr. Michael and Miss Sheryl. We will keep you posted on the date.


Looking forward to a wonderful week,

 Miss Louise, Miss Alexa, and Miss Enedina

March News 2017 – Miss Anne & Mr. Joe’s Class

Dear Parents,

The March winds are here but hopefully the snow and frigid temperatures are behind us. Spring is just around the corner and we are really looking forward to our outdoor times on a more regular basis.

To start the month off, we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday by reading many of his fun filled books. Please send in your child’s favorite Dr. Seuss book so we can read it to the class. Make sure your child’s name is in the book so we don’t mix them up if we have duplicates. Thank You! I’m sure you will hear a lot of rhyming in your house in the weeks to come. Mr. Michael will be visiting our class to read his favorite Dr. Seuss book. Thank you, Mr. Michael; we are looking forward to your visit.

Some of the other topics for the month of March are St. Patrick’s Day and signs of spring. We will also be working on a special booklet which has information in it that the children are memorizing in case they ever need to dial 911. It will also be useful to be prepared for their Kindergarten screening.  When the booklet comes home please review the information in it each night with your child.

We will have St. Patrick’s Day Parties on Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17th.  Please have your child wear green on those days. If you would like to send in a treat for our parties, that would be great. Please make sure anything you send in fits the guidelines for our “Peanut Free” school. We will be on the hunt for wild and crazy leprechauns all that week.  Every year they come and play tricks on us causing chaos throughout our school. It is always a lot of fun and probably the event they remember the most from their Red Robin experience as they journey into elementary school.

I would like to thank all the parents for the hard work and effort they put into helping their children make “Valentines for Veterans” from their families. It was a tremendous outpouring of support and love. Thank you from my son, my daughter-in-law and all the Veterans who felt your warmth and concern.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to Miss Sheryl for making all the delicious pancakes on Pajama Day for our class. They were DELICIOUS.

Our 100th Day of school was filled with the voices of your children counting their collections of 100 things with their classmates. They have come a long way and are definitely 100 days smarter! They are a wonderful class!



Miss Anne


News Flash from Miss Lori’s Pre-K Class – FEBRUARY 3, 2017

Dear Pre-K Families,

The letter “Oo” was introduced this week.  The children know the letter makes two sounds, which means it’s a vowel.  They made an “Ollie Octopus” puppet and thought of many words that begin with the letter “Oo.”

We had a very busy and exciting week!  We celebrated the Chinese New Year and made a special dragon project.  We learned to say “Gung hay fat Choy”, which means “Happy New Year” in Chinese.            In honor of the Super Bowl we had a lot of fun with Miss Sheryl tossing footballs, having relay races, and learning some football drills.  All of the children got into a huddle at the end!  We ate chips and salsa for snack, which the children enjoyed.

We have begun making a book about “Animals In Winter”.  Our class knows the Ground Hog saw his shadow and he will go back into hibernation for six more weeks!  We have been speaking about migration as well.  We had a lot of fun seeing our shadows and we also played a shadow matching game.

We had a very special author come to our school yesterday.  She will be coming back on Monday, March 6 for those children who were not in school yesterday.  She created a fabulous book entitled Teeth Fairies by Ingrid Bencosme.  This book comes with a tooth fairy doll as well.  The children were mesmerized by this story!

A Few Reminders:

  • Next Wednesday we will celebrate the letter “Pp” by wearing pajamas to school. We will also eat delicious pancakes made by Miss Sheryl!
  • Please send in all “Valentines for Veterans” by Friday, February 10th

Enjoy your weekend!


Miss Lori and Miss Kristine



Dear Families:

We have so much to do this week! We will read If You Give a Pig a Pancake, If You Give a Pig a Party, and watch the DVD A Pocket for Corduroy. On Thursday and Friday we will be eating pancakes and wearing our pajamas.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th. We have been busy making Valentine’s Day crafts and cards. If you are going to send in valentines from your child to his/her friends, we ask that you sign them “To my friend from,” With 18 children in the class, it is very difficult to sort out personalized valentines.

We have also been creating class Valentines for Veterans. If you have been able to create your own Valentines for Veterans, please send them in so that Miss Anne can deliver them in time for our veterans to receive them for Valentine’s Day.

Presidents’ Day allows us to learn about two very important people in our history. We will read stories about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. We will learn what the President does and why it’s such an important job. We will color pictures of George Washington and the cherry tree and Abraham Lincoln and his log cabin. We will also create a log cabin using craft sticks.

Looking forward to a wonderful week,

Miss Louise, Miss Alexa, & Miss Enedina

Miss Lori’s Class – January 30, 2017

Dear Pre- K Families,

It was so nice to meet with many of you for Parent- Teacher conferences this week.  I am looking forward to meeting with the rest of you next week!  I am so pleased with the progress your children have made since September, and we still have just over four months to go!  The letter “Nn” was introduced this week.  We thought of words that begin with this letter and discussed the sound the letter makes.  Each child made a “Nancy Nurse” puppet as well.

We have completed a unit on The Five Senses.  Our class had so much fun learning about this topic!  We baked muffins for the sense of Taste, we made “snow playdough” for the sense of Touch, we played a game called “What’s In The Box?” whereby the children could NOT use their sense of sight in order to describe one object that they picked from a box.  They then had to try to guess what the object could be without using their eyes!!!  We certainly used our sense of Smell when the muffins were baking as well as when we were eating them!  The children tried covering their ears as I spoke to see if they could hear me.  They also were able to see how it felt for people who could not hear.  Needless to say, everyone appreciated being able to have the ability to use all five of their senses!

The boys and girls listened to a story entitled The Mitten Tree, by Candace Christiansen.  Each of the children cut out a pair of mittens and decorated them using many different types of material.  They painted a large winter tree and this is now hanging on the door to our classroom.  Your children are so proud of their work.

Our class has completed another page in their journal.  They have also completed another page in their “All About Me” book.  Both of these books will come home at the end of the year.  They are terrific keepsakes!

A few reminders:  next WEDNESDAY, February 1 we will have a Super Bowl party in school!  WEDNESDAY February 8 we will wear pajamas to school and eat pancakes in honor of the letter Pp!  This is always a special day for the children.  Please remember to send in the Valentine’s for Veterans by February 10.


Thank you!

Warmly, Miss Lori and Miss Kristine