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Miss Anne’s Newsletter

                      January / February 2014

Wow!  Happy New Year 2014!  Winter is upon us!  The month of January is flying by.  We reviewed and will reinforce letters Mm,Nn,Oo and Pp in January.  For P week we will be having a Pajama Party. Details will be coming. Our letter puppets have been very popular with the children and they are an excellent reinforcement tool for both letter/sound recognition and fine motor skills.  During February we will be working on letters Qq, Rr and Ss.

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday our class put on a little skit, reciting information that we learned about Dr. King.  We visited the other classes to perform and share what we had learned.  Your children were wonderful!  I was so proud of them!

We will be celebrating the Chinese New Year on January 31st. We will also have Pajama Day on that day.  Details and special project to follow.

Our February calendar is filled with many special days and holidays.  February is Black History Month and we will be learning about famous black Americans.  Groundhog Day is February 2nd and we are all very interested in how many more weeks of winter we will have!

During January and into February I am proud to tell you about a special project that is dear to my heart!  It is called “Valentines for Veterans”.  The children become very involved in making Valentine’s Day cards and banners of appreciation for the Veterans at the VA Hospital in Northport.  The past two years I have asked the rest of our Red Robin Family to participate at home and in school, making cards for our soldiers at the VA Hospital too.  Please help us put smiles on their faces by letting them know we appreciate them! Send in all cards by Monday, February 10th so I can get them to the hospital for distribution on Valentine’s Day lunch trays!

February 14th is Valentine’s Day and of course we will be celebrating with a party on February 14th.   Please feel free to send in any treats your child would like to share with the class.  Please read all labels to make  sure all treats are peanut free and made in a peanut free facility.  Also, try to wear something “red” on those days.  I am sending a class list home to help the children write out their valentines to their classmates.  It always adds fun and excitement to our Valentine’s Day party when the cards are distributed.

Our 100th Day of School is February 24th.  If we have a snow day before then, our 100th day of school could change.  I will keep you informed of any changes.  We will be having a party on Friday, February 28th to celebrate being “100 Days Smarter!” Please send in your “Collection of 100”, the week of February 24th, in a ziploc bag.  We will be counting collections all week!

During February we will be learning more about Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. School will be closed in honor of President’s Week (Mid Winter Recess) February 17th thru 21st.  Stay warm and healthy!

Thank you so much for your cooperation!


Miss Anne


Dates to Remember:

January 20th School Closed in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

January 31st Chinese New Year and Pajama Day

February 2nd Groundhog Day

February 10th Last Day to Send in Valentines for Veterans

February 14th Valentine’s Day Party

February 17th-21st School Closed for Mid Winter Recess

February 24th Welcome Back!  The 100th Day of School

February 28th “The 100 Days Smarter” Party