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November 30, 2015

Dear Families:

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for your generosity for our Thanksgiving feasts. The children enjoyed tasting everything! As December begins, we look towards the many holidays celebrated by our families: Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. We will be reading books and creating art projects related to each of them. The children learn about the many similarities that they share: family get togethers, delicious foods, lights and candles, etc. With Chanukah starting December 6th, we will concentrate on Chanukah first. Please fill out the attached holiday celebration sheet as soon as possible.

Our color of the month is blue, and the shape of the month is a rectangle. Our classroom will become a winter wonderland decorated with igloos, snowmen, and penguins. The children will learn about winter animals and their behaviors. We will learn that some animals stay awake during the winter, while others hibernate. Our theme will continue through January.

         As long as the weather remains above freezing, we will be going outside. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather, and label all of their outerwear. When the weather is uncooperative; we will play indoors and sing, dance, and move to our various musical selections. We’ve developed a lot of favorite songs to sing and dance to.

Looking forward to another great week

Miss Louise, Miss Enedina, Miss Jade & Mr. Joe

What holiday(s) does your family celebrate?

(Check any/all that apply)


Chanukah   ________

Christmas  ________

Kwanzaa    ________

Other      ________

None       ________


Is there a special holiday tradition that you would like to share with us?

Yes ______    No ______



Your child’s name _____________________